6331 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19151

Rental Rates and Packages

Many of the rooms and accommodations at the historic Ivy Hall are available for a wide variety of events, depending on your needs. Rates will fluctuate between the active season (May through August) and the off season (September through April). Contact us for our special packages for weddings and our non-profit rental rates.

Rates are subject to change at anytime without notice. Please check back regularly to see our most recent rates. Rates last updated 04/29/2021.

Standard Full Rental Rates**
Includes Ballroom, Club Room, Dining Room, Living Room, Entryway, and parts of the exterior.

May through Labor Day rates: $3,300/day
Off-season rates: $2,800/day

First Floor Rates**
Dining Room, Living Room, Entryway, and first floor Kitchen.

May through Labor Day rates: $2,200/day
Off-season rates: $1,700/day

Ballroom Rates**

May through Labor Day rates: $1,700/day
Off-season rates: $1,400/day

Private Guest Room* and Luxury Suite Rates**

Ivy Hall hosts four separate guest rooms, including one gorgeous luxury suite.

Luxury Suite May through Labor Day rates: $250/night
Luxury Suite off-season rates: $225/day

Guest Room May through Labor Day rates: $180/night
Guest Room off-season rates: $150/day

Library, Club Room, Dining Room, and Living Room may also be available depending on the type of event.

Our goal here at Ivy Hall is to ensure that your special event is a one-of-a-kind experience, whether it’s a simple social gathering, a formal corporate event, or an extravagant and lavish wedding. That is why we offer a wide range of rental options and rates that are best suited to your preferences and budgets. Take advantage of the beauty of Ivy Hall mansion and make sure to contact us today to book your next big event. We can’t wait to hear from you.

*Discounts are available for guest rooms when booked with certain events. Please contact us to learn more about these packages.
**Day rental includes 2 hours setup, 5 hours for event, and 1 hour breakdown. Additional hours available at pro-rated hourly rate.